Monday, February 7, 2011

just random

I have felt like I can't write another blog post until I respond to everyone's comments on my last post, which were kind and lovely and ever-so-helpful.  I never responded to everyone, of course, so then I never wrote a blog post. 
I'm going to get to that..........soon.
So, if you commented on my blog or my desperate facebook status message, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You saved my sanity and propelled me on a path that is going to work for us, I think.
Insert HUGE sigh of relief here:

So what's new? 
I think of things to blog about all of the time, but now that I sit here, at 10:03 p.m., tired and absolutely brain-dead, I have nothing to say.  So...I'll ramble.

Tonight as we were getting the kids ready for bed Jack asked me, "Mama, are your eyes tired?" 
Is that kid really 3 1/2?  I think he is a bit of an old soul.
...and also a lovable but absolutely maddening 3-year-old who tries 
and then some...

Today while the dogs were outside Leia ran under Molly.
While she was pooping.
And it was kinda runny, if you must know.
And it was all over Leia.
And it was naptime for Jack.
But I had to give Leia a bath. 
I was not happy.  Oh, I was NOT HAPPY. 
But Leia got clean.
And then I tried to get Jack to settle down for 50 minutes.
And then I walked downstairs thinking he was settled and asleep.
And 1 minute later he was up.
Yet again, I was not happy.

Late this afternoon we had a playdate, though, which was nice.  Last week we met some new neighbors.  I wish they had a daughter Amélie's age, but they do have a son close to Jack's age and a younger daughter.  As we were talking, she asked me if I had a job.  I told her I was a birth doula.  Her eyes grew wide.  She looked, as Amélie keeps telling me, "astonished."  She told me she was looking for a doula!  How cool is that?  So today they came over and we talked about kids and backyard chickens and Star Wars and church and birth.  It was lovely!  She is definitely the type of neighbor I could call some morning if I were out of coffee, and I could show up at her house in my robe and tousled hair, and she would hand me some coffee and not think less of me for noting my smudged mascara and knowing that I hadn't washed my face the night before.  It is good, ever so good, to have people like this in one's life, especially as neighbors. 

This morning I had an appointment with Dr. Jill, my acupuncturist.  After our session was over and I was pulling on my socks and stuffing my feet into my boots, she asked me if I had a lot on my mind.  Well, yes, actually I did.
But how did she know that?
I really don't know.  She kind of explained it to me, but I think I was so stunned that I didn't follow what she said very well. 
Somehow, though, she knew I had a lot on my mind, because she somehow knew she needed to stick three needles in my head rather than the usual one. 
How does she do that?
It's magic. 

Amélie and I went to a slumber party on Friday night!  I can't remember the last time I went to a slumber party.  Amélie's friend was having her 8th birthday party, and I just happen to adore Lindsey, the mama of that 8-year-old, and so I was invited to spend the night, too.  It was so wonderful!  When I spend time with Lindsey, my soul breathes a sigh of relief.  I am thankful for her.  She, too, is the type of friend who would not judge me for not washing my face at night and for not being prepared and running out of coffee, but she, alas, lives too far South these days.  Sadness.  Such sadness.  I am happy for them and their lovely home but selfishly sad for me. 

On Saturday night we went to a ROLLER DERBY!  It was so incredibly fun!  I had no idea how fun a roller derby could be!  It's this whole other culture, and people get so into it, but I can see why.  We had fun!  (OK, we sort of had fun.  Jack was a bit of a mess.  Per usual.)

Have I rambled enough?
I'm tired.  I have tired eyes, remember?  My little boy says so.
Good night.

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  1. Good Times, it seems.

    All of these moments will be missed when they are over, enjoy them, every last bit of them!

    Have a great day with your refreshed eyes :)