Saturday, July 24, 2010

blog backgrounds

recently, i discovered the world that is "blog backgrounds." 
this has been a dangerous discovery.
i was pretty happy with my happy little bird on my background, but then tonight i looked at my blog and the pretty little bird was gone.
in its place was something very plain.  i don't even remember the color.  pink, i think.

and this would not do, because if i remember correctly, it wasn't even a pretty pink.  it was an anemic pink.  and who wants an anemic pink background for their blog?

not i.

so, i went to the cutest blog on the block website, where i was completely overwhelmed (even though this is where i got my last blog background), and then i did a little blog background googling.  and i discovered shabby blogs.  i think i tried nearly all of their backgrounds on my blog.  but i was so picky! 
one was too perky.
another too dark.
some of them i wanted to like because of the titles (french linen, sleeping porch, poet and painter, daydream believer).  some of them i thought i would like until i actually put them on my blog, and then i hated them.  i ended up choosing fairy forest, which was actually the first background i tried.  i don't even know if it is my favorite background.  but i had to STOP.  because i was getting obsessive.  and fretful.  and suddenly the process because arduous rather than fun.
i wonder how many times i changed my background tonight.
at least?

i wonder if the process of choosing a blog background actually deserves an entire blog entry all to itself. 
probably  not.
but tonight...
it's all i've got. 

oh.  one more thing.  tomorrow, at revolution, i am supposed to bring a symbol of something beautiful that i've seen, because we are finishing up the renditions series with a conversation about beauty and justice (i just totally stole that wording from the revolution fb page.  is that copyright infringement?).  i am not even at home to pick something out, because my home is very un-beautiful right now as matt is, probably right this second, ripping up my kitchen (while i engage in inane activities like blog background hunting).  what should i bring?  i might take in my new journal. it is still wrapped up in its crinkly barnes and noble bag, but every once in awhile i peek in the bag.  i can't actually write in it until i finish the one i have (which is very close to being complete).  i do think my new journal beautiful.  Here's what it looks like. 

what do you think? 

actually, here's what i would really like to know: if i were to ask you to show me a symbol of something beautiful that you  have seen, what would you show me? 


  1. I would show you my family.

    Although they are really nerve racking at times, they are beautiful!

    Love the journal.

  2. I have two awards for you over at my blog. Stop by and pick them up.

  3. LOL!! Your background discovery made me laugh because that's the kind of thing that I do all the time. Probably one of the worst was getting lost on an awesome free font site...and I still go over there. Scary but fun!! :D I love the background you have right now.