Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner

I have a confession to make.

As many of you know, I am reviewing homeschooling materials for The Old Schoolhouse.  A few days ago there was a post on the TOS message boards asking for a little help selling their Schoolhouse Planners

I was intrigued (I am, after all, a sucker for anything smacking of an organizational tool), but I brushed the thought aside.  I was trying to sprint towards the end of our first homeschooling week, and I was r...u...n...n...i...n...g...o...u...t...o...f...s...t...e...a...m...................
I was tired.  Just the thought of hitting the download button was just about more than I could take.  And, as you know, I'm not exactly living the life of serenity and organization right now (remember, my dining room table is currently in my living room and my refrigerator is hanging out in my dining room).  Of course, what this means is that I probably need the planner, right?  Yes, well, I wasn't exactly thinking logically at the moment.

Then the weekend happened.  We painted the kitchen.  It was Sunday evening.  I was basking in the glow of my vintage yellow kitchen walls and thinking that, perhaps, all was right with the world. I spent a little time curled up in my favorite chair perusing some of the blogs on the blogwalk.  And then it happened.  I read some of the posts about this planner from my fellow reviewers, and I thought, "OH NO!  WHAT HAVE I DONE?????"  I had let a wonderful opportunity slip through my fingers.  The deadline had passed.  I had missed my chance.  Period.  Then, yesterday morning Heidi sent out another message announcing that she had extended the deadline.  This, my friends, is unheard of.  This, my friends, was a providential message that I should email her that very second and ask if I could download the planner, bury myself in its pages, and then write an advertisement for the planner by Wednesday morning.  She complied. 
And here I am.

Last night, I printed the planner.  I sat in front of my printer like a small child waiting for her gift from Santa.  Last week, I was convinced that the label-maker would change my life.  Now I know better.  It's The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner that will change my life.


At first, I was intimidated by its bulk--all 614 pages of it.  But once I read and skimmed and flipped through pages, I realized that it was 614 pages of pure organizational bliss.

I can organize my school days.............

I can organize my life....................

And you know what?
You can organize your school days (and your life!) too!

Should you decide to make the (very wise) leap into buying this planner for

you will gain access to monthly articles specifically tailored to homeschooling families, including such titles as "Top Five Tips for Managing Your Homeschool While Managing Your Home," "Brain Power: Food for Better Thought," and "The Heart and Soul of Creative Writing." 

You will also find a plethora of educational information, curriculum forms, and planning sheets.

Do you need help setting goals for your homeschooling year?

This planner is for you.

Do you need help creating your homeschooling plans?

This planner is for you.

Do you need help creating a schedule for you and your children?

This planner is for you.

Do you need help keeping track of library books, home repair projects, menu plans, and the phone number of your favorite plumber?

This planner is for you.

And, because this planner is for you, you should head on over to the TOS store right this very second and choose either the downloadable ebook for $39.00 or the Schoolhouse Planner on CD for $44.00.

Disclaimer: I am an independent contractor for TOS, and I have used the product represented in my post in order to write this advertisement.

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