Saturday, August 14, 2010



That's how I feel!


I have this deep need for order, yet I struggle with keeping things orderly.  I owe people emails.  I am reading WAY too many books at once.  I need to organize my doula materials.  I need to better organize my homeschooling materials.  I need to get rid of stuff.  I need to make a clean sweep of clutter.  I need to get this crazy kitchen finished so that I can move my dining room table out of my living room and my refrigerator out of my dining room. 
Last night a friend and I were chatting over Facebook, and we had the most hilarious conversation.  We were both laughing so hard--she in Alabama and me in Kansas--that we had tears.  She was extolling the wonders of sheet protectors and dry erase markers.  I announced that we had bought a label-maker and that it was going to change my life.  We both admitted that we had a horrible weakness for organizational products.  Then we both realized that if anyone ever secretly logged into our facebook accounts and read through that chat they would think we were absolutely CRAZY.  But that's OK.  Crazy's good (in orderly sort of proportions).  :)

We did pick out paint for the kitchen today, which was an event of astronomical proportions.  I really wanted a red kitchen.  Our kitchen in Wichita was red, but it was much bigge,r and our cabinets were white. We now have mahogany cabinets and black granite counter tops.  Red just didn't work.  So after making a trip to Lowe's and returning with 4 cans of paint (we had a purple, two orange-ish colors, and yellow), we decided on Vintage Yellow.  Now we just need to actually paint!  And then put in a backsplash.  And then put in a new floor. 
It's going to come together.  It's all going to work out.  And then I'm going to have a beautiful kitchen.
Right?  Right?  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight???????

Of course that will happen.  Silly, melancholy me. 

My last real post was about August being the month of journaling in my mindfulness project.  I am happy to report that I have journaled and/or done morning pages every day this month so far except one (and I have yet to journal today--does blogging count?).  I wanted to keep up better with my blog and write about journaling, but that sort of seemed...redundant in a way.  Plus, I'm spending a lot of time writing--I haven't had time to actually blog!

It's interesting, b/c while this journaling practice has been good for me, and while I am enjoying it, I notice that my previous journal entries, even though they were written once a week or so, were really much deeper and more profound before I started this project.  Honestly, I don't think it has anything to do with the project.  I think it's my kitchen's fault.  A proverb I have invented for this month is, "he (or she) who does not have a fully functioning kitchen does not have the fluid, creative brain-space needed for meaningful journal entries."  Or meaningful blog entries either, it seems.
It's driving me crazy, though.
I feel a bit like my brain has turned mucky. 
It's making me a wee bit cranky.
So if you want to come over to see my discombobulated kitchen (and observe it as a metaphor of my discombobulated life), you might want to call first.


  1. Still giggling with you... and trying, as we speak, to rid myself of my compulsive need to plan out every breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner for the week before I go to the grocery store - because I know I wouldn't follow it anyway, and then I'd feel guilty, and then I'd procrastinate in all other arenas of life, and then I'd have clutter to deal with... in some ways I wish I had a discombobulated kitchen to blame this on. Can my garage-that-can't-hold-a-car count instead? :)

  2. I am with you on this one!!

    I am so disorganized right now and have way to many projects going to get caught up before next week.

    My house is a wreck and organization is like a dream at the moment.

    Good Luck.