Thursday, December 30, 2010

blog therapy/introducing princess leia

I should say right off that I am writing this blog post as therapy.  I am watching the Kansas State/Syracuse football game, and I'm stressed out.  I find it best to engage in other activities while being stressed out during football games, so today it's blogging. 

Just don't be surprised if I interject loud wails of frustration (or excitement, although at this point it's all frustration). 

Syracuse just scored a touchdown.
Boo.  Boo.  Boo. 

So, let's talk about something happy.
Here's happy: puppy breath.
Ah, is there anything sweeter than puppy breath (besides baby breath, perhaps). 
Yes, indeed, we have puppy.
Introducing to the world...
Princess Leia

Is she cute or is she cute?????????
Molly isn't quite so sure. 

Guess how I am feeling today?
Sleep-deprived.  A new puppy is like a new baby.  The last time we had a new puppy I was in grad school.  That wasn't so easy, either, but I have a feeling this will be more overwhelming and exhausting. 
The puppy belongs to the kids, but I can't make them play night-duty, can I? 
No.  Probably not. 
She actually did really well last night until 3:00, and then I was up with her like...every 20 minutes.  Argh. 

Here's Leia's story...
On Christmas morning, the kids had a letter on the cookie plate from Santa.  The letter stated that they were going to receive one more present that wasn't ready quite yet, and we were instructed to drive to a house in Pleasant Hill, ask for Grannie Karen, and pick up their present on Wednesday evening.  We knew better than to disobey Santa's orders, so we dutifully loaded ourselves up last night and drove down to Pleasant Hill.  We walked in the door, and there was a puppy!  The kids were overwhelmed with happiness and excitement and disbelief. 
They think Santa is a pretty nice guy.

And now...we have Princess Leia, our cute little Jack Russell. 
Thankfully we still have her.  My dear friend Tara came by to see us earlier today, and I thought she might sneak her out in her sweatshirt.  I had to watch her carefully as she headed out the door.  At the moment she is tucked into Matt's vest and is sleeping through her first K State football game. 

I should interject here that Amélie keeps giving me rather reproachful looks, because apparently I am too loud during football games, which could adversely affect Leia's puppy sleep. 
I say that as soon as she is sleeping through the night she can complain all she wants about my loud football vocalization.

I suppose I should go back to the football game.  I think in the time I have written here K State has scored a touchdown.  But so has Syracuse. 
At least we have the ball now.
And we have another first down!

OH!  OH!  OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have a first down at the 16-yard line. 
I bleed purple through and through, but seriously.........I get myself way, way too emotionally involved.  I can't just step back...relax...and watch the game. 
I am way too intense.
way too passionate.
way too emotionally invested.
which sums up my life, pretty much.  :)
that's ok.
life is intense.
and passionate.
and chock full of emotional investment.
I'm all in.

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