Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Math Facts Now!: TOS Review

When I received a downloadable copy of Math Facts Now to review, I was certainly intrigued.  I like trying new things for math, and this past semester, under the tutelage of our lovely and brilliant math teacher (and I don't just say that because she has two adorable children I get to eat up once a week while she is doing math with Amélie), my eyes have been opened to a world of math that is incredibly fun and that WORKS.  Who knew. 

This new mathematical experience has made me pretty picky about math approaches, however.  For my daughter, the more senses she uses the better.  For example, I had a horrid time trying to teach her evens and odds and to count by 2's and 3's.  She learned a song and dance with Courtney, and by that afternoon she had them nailed.  (And she learned that at the beginning of the school year and can still spout them off.) 

You might guess, then, that I am not a fan of flash cards.  I'm sure they work for some kids, but they don't work for mine.  Math Facts Now is kind of like flash cards in that the child is given a series of problems to answer.  If she gets it right, she gets to move on.  If she doesn't get it right, I can choose how many times she has to repeat the missed problem, and the program remembers that that particular equation is a sticky one for her to remember. 

Here is how the Math Facts Now website explains the program:

Do you want your child to have instant recall of the math facts?

Look at how Math Facts NOW! helps you to reach that goal!

•You choose which function and which specific numbers to drill (ie: multiplication tables, 8's).

•You choose how many problems to be given in a specific session.

•You choose how much time your child is to be given to complete a problem.

•You choose how many times the child is to repeat problems that he/she made mistakes on or took too long on.

•Math Facts NOW! remembers which problems your child is having difficulty with, and automatically presents them back to the child with greater frequency!

•You choose to enter a reward for the completion of a lesson with no errors.

•You choose to print a list of your child's weak areas.

Amélie didn't exactly love this program, but I thought it was a good drill for her.  I especially liked how it repeated the "problem problems" so that she could have extra practice. 

Math Facts Now is available as at $15.95 download, or you can order the CD for $15.95 + $3.95 for shipping and handling.  I thought the downloadable version worked great, and it would save you an extra 4 bucks.  :) 
What's even better is that you can try out this program for free to see if it is a good fit for you!!  I think that's pretty great, and I would definitely recommend that you give it a try.
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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew I was provided a free copy of this product for my honest evaluation. I was given no other compensation for this review.

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