Monday, January 10, 2011

Easy Classical--TOS Review

When I first found out that I would be doing a review of a classical education curriculum for TOS, I wasn't totally thrilled.  It's not that I don't believe in classical education--I actually spent an inordinate amount of time over the spring and fall studying classical education and trying to determine if I should go that route with Amélie.  In the end, I decided not to, and the main reason was that while I totally fell in love with the idea of a classical education, I knew that my perfectionist, obsessive-compulsive self would not be able to handle, without going into stress overload, the scheduling aspect on my own, especially since I was so new to homeschooling. 

Why, then, wasn't I thrilled to see that I was going to be reviewing a scheduling program for classical education?  The reason is simple and silly: I just didn't know that it was possible to actually pull off scheduling and do it well.  I am pleased, however, to say that I was wrong.  Easy Classical definitely succeeds in putting together a quality scheduling product that I would absolutely consider using (in fact...after spending time reviewing this product I am considering changing my curriculum for next year, so obviously I am sold!). 

I reviewed the schedule for Early Modern History (Explorers to 1820).  Here is the website's explanation of this product:

Easy Classical Early Modern History Schedule includes 36 week-long schedules plus 45+ pages of charts, sheets, and helps that will enhance your child’s learning. Each week’s lesson has review questions with answers, and quizzes included with each lesson. This schedule also includes a shopping list for the next day, as well as detailed instructions on how to use the schedules and the books you purchase. We send you all of this neatly placed in a 1″ 3-ring binder.

So simple!  :)

The Early Modern History schedule costs $35.95 for the notebook version or $29.95 for the digital version.  If this idea piques your interest, you can do further research by checking out their introduction pages, sample history schedule pages, and sample lesson pages.  I thought that the schedule and lesson pages were especially interesting to look at, because I think this company does an excellent job of providing activities and questions that both test the students' comprehension of the material as well as broaden the students' education beyond the pages of a book. 

Although I just looked at the history schedule, Easy Classical offers an entire curriculum scheduling package for kindergarten through 6th grade.  You can also order a complete schedule, a main schedule, and/or a science schedule

I would highly recommend this product, and I plan on looking into this company further.  You should check it out, as well!

If you would like to see what my other crewmates are saying about this product, you can check out their reviews here.

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew I was provided a free copy of this product for my honest evaluation. I was given no other compensation for this review.

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